Storms Malik and Corrie: disruption extends to fourth day

The news mainly introduces that winds of up to 92mph were recorded in northern parts of the UK over the weekend as storms Malik and Corrie swooped in from the Atlantic. Thousands of homes remain without power, transportation was severely impacted, forcing some schools in Scotland to remain closed on Tuesday as a result of back-to-back storms.

Overall, this piece of journalism follows “The Inverted Pyramid” to narrate the event. The beginning of the news clearly tells readers the lead of the main thing, which are who, what, when, where and how. The middle section of the news gave a more detailed description of the event including important information and expansion on the lead. Some paragraphs also contains some quotes, which gave the news new impetus, could be the focal point of the news. The Journalist brings the news to life by supplying evidence from people who lived in the place of the incident.

However, from my point of view, there are still some deficiencies. Some paragraphs in last paragraphs are little bit abrupt and inappropriate. It can also be said that there is a lack of logic and order, which makes people feel that there is no hierarchy and focus. We can see that just after saying the paragraph “The back-to-back storms were linked to two deaths over the weekend”, then occur the paragraph “Storm Malik was named by the Danish Meteorological Institute and Corrie by the UK Met Office.” They have no clear relationship or connection I think, that seems kind of weird.

As a result, I believe the journalist was successful in conveying the story to the reader to a large extent.

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